Goat Gestation Calculator

March 2024
A standard breed goat that bred on 5 Mar 2024 has an approximate kidding date of

Friday, August 2, 2024

Key Gestation Milestones

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Gestation Milestones

  1. End of First Trimester (24 Apr 2024): Around this time, the embryos are well-developed. It's often a point where the risk of miscarriage starts to decrease.
  2. Start of Second Trimester (25 Apr 2024): The second trimester begins. The fetuses are more securely established, and the risk of miscarriage continues to decrease.
  3. Mid-Gestation (19 May 2024): This is the halfway point. The kids are growing, and the doe’s nutritional needs may increase. It's also a good time for a health check to ensure everything is progressing normally.
  4. Start of Third Trimester (13 Jun 2024): This is when the final stage of pregnancy begins. The kids grow rapidly during this period, and the doe's nutritional and space needs will increase.
  5. Preparation for Birth (23 Jul 2024 - 28 Jul 2024): The doe may start showing signs of impending labor, such as udder development, restlessness, or changes in behavior. This is a good time to prepare the kidding area.
  6. Expected Kidding Date (2 Aug 2024): The average gestation period for goats is about 150 days, but this can vary by a few days. It's essential to monitor the doe closely around this time for signs of labor.
  7. Post-Due Date Monitoring (2 Aug 2024 onwards): If the doe hasn't kidded yet, she should be closely monitored for any signs of distress or complications. Some does may go a few days past their due date, but prolonged gestation may require veterinary attention.

How Do You Calculate a Goat's Kidding Date?

3 young goat kids lying in a mountain meadow

Calculating a goat's kidding date, which is the estimated date of birth for the kids, involves a simple process based on the goat's breeding date. Here are the steps to calculate it:

  1. Determine the Breeding Date: The first and most crucial step is to know the exact date when the goat was bred. This is the starting point for your calculations.
  2. Understand the Average Gestation Period: The average gestation period for goats is typically around 150 days, but it can vary slightly depending on the breed and individual factors. Our calculator allows for "Standard" or "Miniature" breeds.
  3. Add the Gestation Period to the Breeding Date: To calculate the kidding date, simply add the gestation period to the breeding date. For example, if your goat was bred on June 1st, and you are using the average 150-day gestation period, the estimated kidding date would be around October 29th.
  4. Consider Individual and Breed Variations: Keep in mind that the gestation period can vary, so it's a good idea to be prepared for the kids to arrive a few days before or after the calculated date.

It's helpful to keep records of breeding and kidding dates, especially if you manage multiple goats. This data can help you make more accurate predictions in the future and monitor the health and productivity of your herd.

Goat Gestation Reference Table

Below is a reference table showing the kidding date for all days of the year.

Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date Date ExposedKidding Date
1 Jan30 May1 Feb30 Jun1 Mar29 Jul1 Apr29 Aug1 May28 Sep1 Jun29 Oct1 Jul28 Nov1 Aug29 Dec1 Sep29 Jan1 Oct28 Feb1 Nov31 Mar1 Dec30 Apr
2 Jan31 May2 Feb1 Jul2 Mar30 Jul2 Apr30 Aug2 May29 Sep2 Jun30 Oct2 Jul29 Nov2 Aug30 Dec2 Sep30 Jan2 Oct1 Mar2 Nov1 Apr2 Dec1 May
3 Jan1 Jun3 Feb2 Jul3 Mar31 Jul3 Apr31 Aug3 May30 Sep3 Jun31 Oct3 Jul30 Nov3 Aug31 Dec3 Sep31 Jan3 Oct2 Mar3 Nov2 Apr3 Dec2 May
4 Jan2 Jun4 Feb3 Jul4 Mar1 Aug4 Apr1 Sep4 May1 Oct4 Jun1 Nov4 Jul1 Dec4 Aug1 Jan4 Sep1 Feb4 Oct3 Mar4 Nov3 Apr4 Dec3 May
5 Jan3 Jun5 Feb4 Jul5 Mar2 Aug5 Apr2 Sep5 May2 Oct5 Jun2 Nov5 Jul2 Dec5 Aug2 Jan5 Sep2 Feb5 Oct4 Mar5 Nov4 Apr5 Dec4 May
6 Jan4 Jun6 Feb5 Jul6 Mar3 Aug6 Apr3 Sep6 May3 Oct6 Jun3 Nov6 Jul3 Dec6 Aug3 Jan6 Sep3 Feb6 Oct5 Mar6 Nov5 Apr6 Dec5 May
7 Jan5 Jun7 Feb6 Jul7 Mar4 Aug7 Apr4 Sep7 May4 Oct7 Jun4 Nov7 Jul4 Dec7 Aug4 Jan7 Sep4 Feb7 Oct6 Mar7 Nov6 Apr7 Dec6 May
8 Jan6 Jun8 Feb7 Jul8 Mar5 Aug8 Apr5 Sep8 May5 Oct8 Jun5 Nov8 Jul5 Dec8 Aug5 Jan8 Sep5 Feb8 Oct7 Mar8 Nov7 Apr8 Dec7 May
9 Jan7 Jun9 Feb8 Jul9 Mar6 Aug9 Apr6 Sep9 May6 Oct9 Jun6 Nov9 Jul6 Dec9 Aug6 Jan9 Sep6 Feb9 Oct8 Mar9 Nov8 Apr9 Dec8 May
10 Jan8 Jun10 Feb9 Jul10 Mar7 Aug10 Apr7 Sep10 May7 Oct10 Jun7 Nov10 Jul7 Dec10 Aug7 Jan10 Sep7 Feb10 Oct9 Mar10 Nov9 Apr10 Dec9 May
11 Jan9 Jun11 Feb10 Jul11 Mar8 Aug11 Apr8 Sep11 May8 Oct11 Jun8 Nov11 Jul8 Dec11 Aug8 Jan11 Sep8 Feb11 Oct10 Mar11 Nov10 Apr11 Dec10 May
12 Jan10 Jun12 Feb11 Jul12 Mar9 Aug12 Apr9 Sep12 May9 Oct12 Jun9 Nov12 Jul9 Dec12 Aug9 Jan12 Sep9 Feb12 Oct11 Mar12 Nov11 Apr12 Dec11 May
13 Jan11 Jun13 Feb12 Jul13 Mar10 Aug13 Apr10 Sep13 May10 Oct13 Jun10 Nov13 Jul10 Dec13 Aug10 Jan13 Sep10 Feb13 Oct12 Mar13 Nov12 Apr13 Dec12 May
14 Jan12 Jun14 Feb13 Jul14 Mar11 Aug14 Apr11 Sep14 May11 Oct14 Jun11 Nov14 Jul11 Dec14 Aug11 Jan14 Sep11 Feb14 Oct13 Mar14 Nov13 Apr14 Dec13 May
15 Jan13 Jun15 Feb14 Jul15 Mar12 Aug15 Apr12 Sep15 May12 Oct15 Jun12 Nov15 Jul12 Dec15 Aug12 Jan15 Sep12 Feb15 Oct14 Mar15 Nov14 Apr15 Dec14 May
16 Jan14 Jun16 Feb15 Jul16 Mar13 Aug16 Apr13 Sep16 May13 Oct16 Jun13 Nov16 Jul13 Dec16 Aug13 Jan16 Sep13 Feb16 Oct15 Mar16 Nov15 Apr16 Dec15 May
17 Jan15 Jun17 Feb16 Jul17 Mar14 Aug17 Apr14 Sep17 May14 Oct17 Jun14 Nov17 Jul14 Dec17 Aug14 Jan17 Sep14 Feb17 Oct16 Mar17 Nov16 Apr17 Dec16 May
18 Jan16 Jun18 Feb17 Jul18 Mar15 Aug18 Apr15 Sep18 May15 Oct18 Jun15 Nov18 Jul15 Dec18 Aug15 Jan18 Sep15 Feb18 Oct17 Mar18 Nov17 Apr18 Dec17 May
19 Jan17 Jun19 Feb18 Jul19 Mar16 Aug19 Apr16 Sep19 May16 Oct19 Jun16 Nov19 Jul16 Dec19 Aug16 Jan19 Sep16 Feb19 Oct18 Mar19 Nov18 Apr19 Dec18 May
20 Jan18 Jun20 Feb19 Jul20 Mar17 Aug20 Apr17 Sep20 May17 Oct20 Jun17 Nov20 Jul17 Dec20 Aug17 Jan20 Sep17 Feb20 Oct19 Mar20 Nov19 Apr20 Dec19 May
21 Jan19 Jun21 Feb20 Jul21 Mar18 Aug21 Apr18 Sep21 May18 Oct21 Jun18 Nov21 Jul18 Dec21 Aug18 Jan21 Sep18 Feb21 Oct20 Mar21 Nov20 Apr21 Dec20 May
22 Jan20 Jun22 Feb21 Jul22 Mar19 Aug22 Apr19 Sep22 May19 Oct22 Jun19 Nov22 Jul19 Dec22 Aug19 Jan22 Sep19 Feb22 Oct21 Mar22 Nov21 Apr22 Dec21 May
23 Jan21 Jun23 Feb22 Jul23 Mar20 Aug23 Apr20 Sep23 May20 Oct23 Jun20 Nov23 Jul20 Dec23 Aug20 Jan23 Sep20 Feb23 Oct22 Mar23 Nov22 Apr23 Dec22 May
24 Jan22 Jun24 Feb23 Jul24 Mar21 Aug24 Apr21 Sep24 May21 Oct24 Jun21 Nov24 Jul21 Dec24 Aug21 Jan24 Sep21 Feb24 Oct23 Mar24 Nov23 Apr24 Dec23 May
25 Jan23 Jun25 Feb24 Jul25 Mar22 Aug25 Apr22 Sep25 May22 Oct25 Jun22 Nov25 Jul22 Dec25 Aug22 Jan25 Sep22 Feb25 Oct24 Mar25 Nov24 Apr25 Dec24 May
26 Jan24 Jun26 Feb25 Jul26 Mar23 Aug26 Apr23 Sep26 May23 Oct26 Jun23 Nov26 Jul23 Dec26 Aug23 Jan26 Sep23 Feb26 Oct25 Mar26 Nov25 Apr26 Dec25 May
27 Jan25 Jun27 Feb26 Jul27 Mar24 Aug27 Apr24 Sep27 May24 Oct27 Jun24 Nov27 Jul24 Dec27 Aug24 Jan27 Sep24 Feb27 Oct26 Mar27 Nov26 Apr27 Dec26 May
28 Jan26 Jun28 Feb27 Jul28 Mar25 Aug28 Apr25 Sep28 May25 Oct28 Jun25 Nov28 Jul25 Dec28 Aug25 Jan28 Sep25 Feb28 Oct27 Mar28 Nov27 Apr28 Dec27 May
29 Jan27 Jun29 Mar26 Aug29 Apr26 Sep29 May26 Oct29 Jun26 Nov29 Jul26 Dec29 Aug26 Jan29 Sep26 Feb29 Oct28 Mar29 Nov28 Apr29 Dec28 May
30 Jan28 Jun30 Mar27 Aug30 Apr27 Sep30 May27 Oct30 Jun27 Nov30 Jul27 Dec30 Aug27 Jan30 Sep27 Feb30 Oct29 Mar30 Nov29 Apr30 Dec29 May
31 Jan29 Jun31 Mar28 Aug31 May28 Oct31 Jul28 Dec31 Aug28 Jan31 Oct30 Mar31 Dec30 May

Supported Breeds of Goats

The goat gestation calculator works for all breeds of goat in the table below.

African PygmyAlpineAltai MountainAnglo NubianAngoraAppenzell
ArapawaArgentata dell'EtnaAspromonteBarbariBeetalBionda dell'Adamello
Black BengalBoerBritish AlpineCashmereChamois ColoredChangthangi
DamascusDanish LandraceDera Din PanahDonDutch LandraceFainting
GarganicaGirgentanaGolden GuernseyIcelandicIrishJakharana
JamunapariJining GreyJonicaKaghaniKalahari RedKamori
LaoshanMalteseMarwariMehsanaMini OberhasliMurcia Granada
MurcianaNigerian DwarfNigoraOberhasliOrobicaOsmanabadi
PeacockPygmyPygoraRoveRussian WhiteSaanen
SahelianSan Clemente IslandSardaSirohiSojatSomali
Valais BlackneckVerataWest African DwarfWhite ShorthairedZalawadiZhongwei