Acres Per Hour Calculator

Acres Per Hour


5 hours 29 mins to complete 2 acres

Steps to Calculate Acres Per Hour

  1. Convert Equipment Width to feet
  2. Convert Speed to feet per hour
  3. Multiply the width in feet by the speed in feet per hour. The answer will be the number of square feet that can be worked per hour
  4. Divide the number of square feet by 43560 to calculate Acres Per Hour

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What is an Acres Per Hour Calculator?

An Acres per Hour Calculator is an invaluable tool designed for farmers, landscapers, and anyone involved in large-scale land management. This specialized calculator simplifies the task of estimating the efficiency and productivity of various agricultural or landscaping equipment. By inputting the width of the machinery and its operational speed, users can quickly determine how many acres can be covered, worked, or harvested in an hour. This not only aids in planning and resource allocation but also helps in optimizing the use of equipment, ensuring that large areas of land are managed effectively and efficiently. Whether for planting, mowing, harvesting, or other land management tasks, an Acres per Hour Calculator transforms complex calculations into straightforward, actionable data.

Reference chart showing how long it would take to work 1 acre of land with equipment of various widths

What Types of Mowers, Tractors, Combines, etc. Are Supported?

Below is a table of examplse of equipment the Acres Per Hour Calculator supports.

Equipment TypeWidth (Inches)Width (Feet)Typical Use
Lawn Mower20 - 601.67 - 5Residential lawn maintenance
Garden Tractor48 - 724 - 6Small-scale farming, large gardens
Zero-Turn Mower42 - 723.5 - 6Efficient mowing of large lawns
Compact Utility Tractor60 - 1005 - 8.33Versatile, for various small farm tasks
Standard Agricultural Tractor72 - 3006 - 25Large scale farming, crop cultivation
Combine Harvester120 - 30010 - 25Harvesting large fields of crops
Boom Sprayer300 - 120025 - 100Spraying pesticides or fertilizers
Bush Hog (Rotary Cutter)60 - 1805 - 15Clearing overgrown fields and brush cutting
Field Cultivator120 - 36010 - 30Preparing the soil for planting
Row Crop Planter120 - 48010 - 40Planting seeds in rows
Grain Drill120 - 30010 - 25Seed drilling for cereals and grains
Hay Baler60 - 1205 - 10Baling hay for easy handling and transport
Chisel Plow120 - 36010 - 30Deep tillage, breaking up soil clods
Subsoiler24 - 1202 - 10Breaking up hardpan and deep soil compaction
Mower-Conditioner72 - 1926 - 16Cutting and conditioning hay and forage

Acres Per Hour Reference Table

Below is a reference table showing the calculated Acres Per Hour value for various equipment widths (in inches) and speed (in miles per hour).

2 mph0.2020.4040.6060.8081.0101.5152.0202.5253.0303.535
3 mph0.3030.6060.9091.2121.5152.2733.0303.7884.5455.303
4 mph0.4040.8081.2121.6162.0203.0304.0405.0516.0617.071
5 mph0.5051.0101.5152.0202.5253.7885.0516.3137.5768.838
6 mph0.6061.2121.8182.4243.0304.5456.0617.5769.09110.606
7 mph0.7071.4142.1212.8283.5355.3037.0718.83810.60612.374
8 mph0.8081.6162.4243.2324.0406.0618.08110.10112.12114.141
9 mph0.9091.8182.7273.6364.5456.8189.09111.36413.63615.909
10 mph1.0102.0203.0304.0405.0517.57610.10112.62615.15217.677


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