Subtraction Calculator

The subtraction function is a mathematical operation that involves finding the difference between two numbers. It is denoted by the symbol "-" and is one of the four basic arithmetic operations, alongside addition, multiplication, and division.
8442=  4284 - 42=\;4242

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The Subtraction Calculator Formula

y=aby = a - b

Definition of the Subtraction Function

Subtraction is the process of taking away one quantity from another to determine the remaining amount or the result. The number from which another number is subtracted is called the minuend, and the number being subtracted is called the subtrahend. The result is called the difference. For example, subtracting 5 from 10 yields a difference of 5 (10 - 5 = 5).Subtraction is not commutative, which means that changing the order of the minuend and subtrahend will yield different results. For instance, subtracting 5 from 10 is not the same as subtracting 10 from 5. When subtracting larger numbers or numbers with decimal places, borrowing or regrouping may be necessary to perform the subtraction correctly. This involves borrowing from higher place values to perform the subtraction in each place value.Subtraction also has properties and rules, such as the associative property, which means changing the grouping of the numbers being subtracted does not change the final difference. In computer programming, the subtraction function is typically implemented as a built-in operator or as a function/method provided by the programming language, allowing for the subtraction of numerical values.