Circles To Arcminutes Conversion


1 circle = 21,600 arcmin

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How to convert circles to arcminutes (circle to arcmin)

The formula for converting circles to arcminutes is: arcmin = circle × 21600. To calculate the circle value in arcminutes first substitute the circle value into the preceding formula, and then perform the calculation. If we wanted to calculate 1 circle in arcminutes we follow these steps:

arcmin = circle × 21600

arcmin = 1 × 21600

arcmin = 21600

In other words, 1 circle is equal to 21600 arcminutes.

Example Conversion

Let's take a look at an example. The step-by-step process to convert 9 circles to arcminutes is:

  1. Understand the conversion formula: arcmin = circle × 21600
  2. Substitute the required value. In this case we substitute 9 for circle so the formula becomes: arcmin = 9 × 21600
  3. Calculate the result using the provided values. In our example the result is: 9 × 21600 = 194400 arcmin

In summary, 9 circles is equal to 194400 arcminutes.

Converting arcminutes to circles

Converting an angle from arcminutes to circles involves understanding the relationship between these two units of angular measurement. The equation for converting from minutes to circles is: circle = arcmin ÷ 21600. Here are the steps to convert arcminutes to circles.

Step-by-step: converting from minutes to circles

Step 1: Understand the RelationshipOne circle is equivalent to 360 degrees or 21,600 arcminutes. Therefore, 1 circle = 21,600 arcminutes.Step 2: Set Up the Conversion EquationLet x represent the number of arcminutes you want to convert to circles. To convert arcminutes to circles, divide the number of arcminutes (x) by 21,600.Step 3: Perform the CalculationDivide the number of arcminutes (x) by 21,600 to obtain the equivalent value in circles.

Conversion Unit Definitions

What is a Circle?

A circle is not typically used as a unit of measure in the same way that units such as meters or seconds are used. However, there are some situations where the concept of a circle may be used as a unit of measure.
For example, when measuring angles, a circle is often divided into 360 degrees, with each degree being a unit of measure for the angle. Alternatively, a circle can be divided into radians, with each radian being a unit of measure for the angle.
In geometry, the area of a circle can be used as a unit of measure for the size of a two-dimensional object. The area of a circle is given by the formula A = πr^2, where r is the radius of the circle and π is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.14.

What is a Arcminute?

An arcminute (or minute) is a unit of angular measurement that is often used as a subdivision of a degree. One degree is equal to 60 minutes.
To better understand this definition, it's important to note that a circle is divided into 360 degrees. Each degree is further divided into 60 minutes. Therefore, one minute is equal to 1/60th of a degree or approximately 0.01745 degrees.
Minutes are commonly used in applications where angles need to be measured with a high degree of precision, such as astronomy, navigation, and surveying. They are particularly useful when measuring small angles, such as the apparent diameter of celestial bodies or the deviation of a building from a true vertical line.

Circles To Arcminutes Conversion Table

Below is a lookup table showing common circles to arcminutes conversion values.

CircleArcminute (')
1 circle21600 arcmin
2 circle43200 arcmin
3 circle64800 arcmin
4 circle86400 arcmin
5 circle108000 arcmin
6 circle129600 arcmin
7 circle151200 arcmin
8 circle172800 arcmin
9 circle194400 arcmin
10 circle216000 arcmin
11 circle237600 arcmin
12 circle259200 arcmin
13 circle280800 arcmin

Circles To Arcminutes Conversion Chart